Trade: Rocky Mtn Oysters | In shorter Line 4 the Win

Rocky Mtn Oysters sends: 2B Josh Harrison ($15), 2017 5th Round Pick, 2019 1st Round Pick, $10 Auction Budget
In shorter Line 4 the Win sends: RF Jay Bruce ($13), 2019 5th Round Pick

Andrew’s thoughts:¬†Jay Bruce might be a tad underrated here because he’s a bad¬†real life player. Over the last three seasons combined, he has only accumulated 0.2 fWAR.

But he’s been a useful fantasy hitter¬†over the last two seasons. Through June 30 last year, he had already racked up 486 points at a 6.57 per game (1.593 points per plate appearance) clip.¬†That’s an elite rate of production for 13 weeks of a fantasy season and I feel like it is worth at least $13 by itself.

From July 1 on, he only scored 322.2 points at a 4.41/game (1.134 pts/PA) rate. That’s not particularly good, but it’s serviceable. At first glance I thought giving up $10 to acquire Bruce at $13 was just too much, but it’s¬†actually probably about right. The Oysters had extra¬†budget cash and can afford it, and for IL4W, I get not being enthralled with Bruce either, so adding $10 spending budget¬†is a nice cash-out¬†for a risky player.

I don’t think $15 2B-only Josh Harrison is a keeper, so I think mostly this was $10 and a future pick for Bruce. The 2019 first-rounder is interesting, I guess, but we have this year’s draft and next year’s draft before we even get to that draft. Like… I don’t know, Corey Ray is among the top prospects this year, right? Most scouts have his ETA at 2018. So¬†that same type of player in the 2019 draft has a 2020 ETA, yeah? And just making it to the majors doesn’t mean you’re fantasy relevant. The #1 pick in the actual MLB draft, Mickey Moniak, has an ETA of 2020 according to Baseball Prospectus. If you draft the Moniak of the 2019 draft,¬†then that guy’s looking at a 2022 ETA.

Point is, the 2019 pick doesn’t return value until at least a year after, and that’s if you’re super lucky and draft a college hitter or something that doesn’t need a ton of minor league time. I guess what I’m saying is if you look at that 2019 first-rounder and think “hot damn, a first round pick!” then feel free to hit me up about my 2019 pick.

Jordan’s thoughts:¬†I think that two teams agreed to a trade here. I’m not sure that I’d pay $23 and a pick for a Jay Bruce, but I’m surprised all the time. Great deal for In Shorter Line 4 the Win. Dusty being Dusty I guess.

I would like to write another one hundred words, but then I’m certain that I would have put in more effort into this trade than the two teams making this deal. So we move on!