Trade: Capital City | Rocky Mountain

Capital City Ironmen sends:¬†2016’s 163rd overall selection
Rocky Mtn Oysters sends:¬†2016’s 186th overall selection and $1 in 2016 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: If it works for both teams, fine by me. Oysters nabbed Courtney Hawkins with their new pick and the Ironmen then fell back into John Gant. Ask me in three years if someone wins this thing.

Trade: Preseason Favorites | TBD

Preseason Favorites sends: $7 in 2016 Auction Budget & 2016 232nd overall selection (15th round)
TBD sends: 2016 110th overall selection (7th round)

Jordan’s thoughts: Again with all these other trades, we’ll see when the players get selected. We know that PF picked Daz Cameron with the 110th pick. I’m not sure that’s worth $7 to jump up to get, but it is definitely worth $7 to move back to the last round. I think the auction budget being traded around was inflated already, but $7, that’s a useful player in the draft. Daz Cameron is years away if he ever makes something of himself.

Trade: Capital City | Beach Bum

Capital City Ironmen sends: 2016 67th overall selection (5th round) & 94th overall selection (6th round pick)
Beach Bum sends: 2016 74th selection (5th round) & 87th overall selection (6th round)

Jordan’s thoughts: This is one of those trades where you don’t know who to choose with your pick. There is three or four players you like and you want to get two of them, and you know you can by swapping out, but you are not quite sure that your second pick is close enough. For the Bums they get to move up to get the one guy they want and moving back is not a big difference.

Trade: Team Hydra | Hustle Loyalty Respect

Team Hydra sends: $1 in 2016 Auction Budget
Hustle Loyalty Respect sends: A conditional $1 in 2017 Auction Budget.

The condition: If HLR finishes top 3 in points, the amount sent to Hydra doubles to $2. If Hydra finishes top 3 in points, the amount sent back gets pushed to 2018. If both teams finish top 3, the deal remains the original trade.

Jordan’s thoughts: I’ll steal and modify a quote from Bill Simmons’ mailbag, “These are my league members.”

Trade: Rocky Mountain | Senior Squids

Rocky Mountain Oysters sends: $10 in 2016 Auction Budget
Senior Squids sends: $20 in 2017 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: Let that one sink in for a bit. This is a loan essentially right? For Dusty in Rocky Mountain this makes perfect sense. You’ve already banked an extra $35 for 2016, shipping $10 is not a big deal, especially now you have an extra $20 of flexibility in 2017. Bravo. For the other team, lets try and spin this… I guess you can justify the want to do something like this by saying you want to nail the first draft. I don’t have much else. I can justify this kind of deal during the draft perhaps, if you over spent, and you’re positioning yourself to win immediately in year one. But, six ¬†weeks prior? Seems odd.

Trade: Rocky Mountain | Team Hydra

Rocky Mnt Oysters sends: 2016 58th overall selection (4th round)
Team Hydra sends:¬†2016 96th overall selection (6th round) & $10 in ’16 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: Immediately this seems like an impressive overpay for a draft pick for Team Hydra. Dusty gets to sail back a couple rounds for a handsome price. There’s not much else to say about this deal in other than if I were offered this deal I take the auction budget ten out of ten times. Team Hydra then used the pick on shortstop Jorge Mateo from the Yankees organization. His speed and defense should give him an everyday job, but to be worth this kind of deal you’re expecting him to reach levels of development that so few players actually reach. Time will tell, but this seems like a bad bet for Team Hydra.

Trade: Team Aarnicdy | TBD

Team Aarnicdy sends: 2016 56th overall selection (4th round)
Team TBD sends:¬†2016 142nd overall selection (9th round) & $7 in ’16 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: I like this deal for both teams. I believe in the value of $7. It won’t buy a great player, but if you can now easily bid $2 on 5-7 players versus settling for a dollar, you now have buying power to pick those guys at the end of the draft instead of being stuck. While the early arguement is that it just raises the prices of those players. I’ll still argue that having the flexibility of picking those players is invaluable. The 56th overall pick was used to select outfielder¬†Cornelius Randolph. The 10th overall selection out of high school in the 2015 minor league draft is just 18 years old, extremely raw, and really seems like a reach to trade up for.

Trade: Capital City | BNL

Capital City Ironmen sends:¬†2016 30th overall selection (2nd round)¬†& $11 in ’16 Auction Budget
BetterNameLater sends: 2016 13th overall selection (1st round)

Jordan’s thoughts: With the second trade in the Dynasty Grinders history I like it again for both teams. It’s easy to assume that BNL felt that the player they could pick wasn’t likely to be useful right now and they move down to a spot where they’ll get a similar prospect anyway. There’s a lot of ways to spin that $11 they got, in an auction knowing you can one up 2-3 players you want a few times adds some nice insurance. For Capital City, they use the selection immediately to grab prospect Blake Snell. Snell shot up the prospect rankings in 2015, and pitches in the Tampa Bay organization that is well known for churning out good pitchers. Bravo to both sides.

Update:¬†The picks are in, so I felt like commenting on that as well. We already knew that Snell was the 13th pick. The 30th pick turned into SS ¬†Franklin Barreto, a top prospect for the Athletics. It remains to be seen if Barreto pans out in a league like this, but he has as high hopes as any of the other top rated short stops. It wouldn’t have been a huge jump to see Barreto to go in the 1st round. I like this trade for both teams. That being said, I’d rather have Snell.