2016 Minor League Draft – Complete.

In fifteen days the Dynasty Grinders league was able to hammer out 240 draft picks. In my long days of offline drafting, getting through a sixteen team round in one day on average is a blistering pace. Especially in a draft like this one where the last two or three rounds are full of guys that aren’t found in many handy dandy prospect lists. They’re educated guesses based on other people’s educated guesses.

That all being said, the fellas from We Talk Fantasy Sports gave us this handy graph to breakdown which team’s farm systems got picked over the most:


Sorry Angels fans. Apparently your minor leagues is so bad, nobody was willing to take a flier on any of your prospects. While that’s likely to change during the course of the season, that is a pretty depressing statistic.

For some context, the draft is available here. All 16 teams were drafting from a pool that included players that had 0 plate appearances, 0 innings pitched, were currently signed to a professional contract inside MLB, and weren’t currently signed to the Major League Active Roster. This limited the pool quite a bit from the traditional prospects you may be seeing flying off draft boards across the Internet.

Time will tell us how many of these draft picks were worth the time, but I can say from personal experience: The draft helped kill some time between now and the auction in March. 🙂

Trade: Team Canada | Hustle Loyalty Respect

Team Canada sends: P – Sandy Alcantara (STL)
Hustle Loyalty Respect sends: $2 in 2016 Auction Budget & the 203rd overall draft pick in 2016.

Jordan’s thoughts: Well hey we finally had our first snap trade immediately after someone got drafted by someone else. Alcantara is a fine prospect, who knows where it goes. But, this was late in the draft and HLR paid double the price paid for other similar trades. Them the breaks. If you want the prospect its a fine trade. If you were Team Canada and not married to what was likely a choice between fifteen similar guys, well you made $2, awesome.

Trade: Capital City | Rocky Mountain

Capital City Ironmen sends: 2016’s 163rd overall selection
Rocky Mtn Oysters sends: 2016’s 186th overall selection and $1 in 2016 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: If it works for both teams, fine by me. Oysters nabbed Courtney Hawkins with their new pick and the Ironmen then fell back into John Gant. Ask me in three years if someone wins this thing.

Trade: Preseason Favorites | TBD

Preseason Favorites sends: $7 in 2016 Auction Budget & 2016 232nd overall selection (15th round)
TBD sends: 2016 110th overall selection (7th round)

Jordan’s thoughts: Again with all these other trades, we’ll see when the players get selected. We know that PF picked Daz Cameron with the 110th pick. I’m not sure that’s worth $7 to jump up to get, but it is definitely worth $7 to move back to the last round. I think the auction budget being traded around was inflated already, but $7, that’s a useful player in the draft. Daz Cameron is years away if he ever makes something of himself.

Trade: Capital City | Beach Bum

Capital City Ironmen sends: 2016 67th overall selection (5th round) & 94th overall selection (6th round pick)
Beach Bum sends: 2016 74th selection (5th round) & 87th overall selection (6th round)

Jordan’s thoughts: This is one of those trades where you don’t know who to choose with your pick. There is three or four players you like and you want to get two of them, and you know you can by swapping out, but you are not quite sure that your second pick is close enough. For the Bums they get to move up to get the one guy they want and moving back is not a big difference.