Welcome to Dynasty Grinders

Hey look, it is the middle of December and you’re here looking at a fantasy baseball league. Perfect. We are here looking for a group of fantasy baseball players who are prepared to play year round. The goal is not to just find any number of players, but to find the right sixteen players.

You’re going to find out more about this league by reading the huge wall of text on our League Setup page. Before you click there, please see this list of short details to see if the league might be for you:

  • 16-team, head-to-head format.
  • OttoNeu styled points scoring system.
  • Dynasty league, 30-man active roster plus a 15-man minor league (that grows by 5 each off-season) roster.
  • Live major league auction draft, separate minor league draft.
  • Higher stakes $155 to play, two year commitment to start using LeagueSafe.
  • Payouts for regular season finishes and post-season finishes.
  • Daily communication, chatter and camaraderie.
  • A challenging yet fun atmosphere.

We are aiming for some lofty goals, but we come by them honestly. We’re open for any kinds of communication and while the rules are set, some pieces are open for discussion prior to our beginning.

Contact us here:

Rule Discussion

In developing the rules for this league, there were some easy decisions, some hard decisions, and of course, the decisions that just got made. The league setup that we have provided is largely in place. It comes from a few different leagues and experiences that lent themselves into the creation.

With that being said, this league is about communication within the group, so no better kickoff for the middle of winter, than to discuss the heart of the league before it is born. Please see our handy-dandy Rule Discussion forum to start the discussions. We cannot promise that every discussion will lead to some change, but we can say that without proper discussion, there will be no changes.

Also discussion can lead to better clarifications. We are not lawyers or writers, so we cannot believe that these documents are perfectly written. So please also spend your thoughts discussing rules if only to get a better clarification. We want everyone to be on the same page as far as the rules, so that we’re all working on the highest level.

We believe in crowd sourcing leading to the best offering for league settings. While we have carved out a specific niche in the fantasy baseball world, we do believe certain tweaks exist that we have yet to think of. That is where you come in. We cannot wait to debate it out.