2016 Minor League Draft – Complete.

In fifteen days the Dynasty Grinders league was able to hammer out 240 draft picks. In my long days of offline drafting, getting through a sixteen team round in one day on average is a blistering pace. Especially in a draft like this one where the last two or three rounds are full of guys that aren’t found in many handy dandy prospect lists. They’re educated guesses based on other people’s educated guesses.

That all being said, the fellas from We Talk Fantasy Sports gave us this handy graph to breakdown which team’s farm systems got picked over the most:


Sorry Angels fans. Apparently your minor leagues is so bad, nobody was willing to take a flier on any of your prospects. While that’s likely to change during the course of the season, that is a pretty depressing statistic.

For some context, the draft is available here. All 16 teams were drafting from a pool that included players that had 0 plate appearances, 0 innings pitched, were currently signed to a professional contract inside MLB, and weren’t currently signed to the Major League Active Roster. This limited the pool quite a bit from the traditional prospects you may be seeing flying off draft boards across the Internet.

Time will tell us how many of these draft picks were worth the time, but I can say from personal experience: The draft helped kill some time between now and the auction in March. šŸ™‚