Trade: Rocky Mountain | Senior Squids

Rocky Mountain Oysters sends: $10 in 2016 Auction Budget
Senior Squids sends: $20 in 2017 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: Let that one sink in for a bit. This is a loan essentially right? For Dusty in Rocky Mountain this makes perfect sense. You’ve already banked an extra $35 for 2016, shipping $10 is not a big deal, especially now you have an extra $20 of flexibility in 2017. Bravo. For the other team, lets try and spin this… I guess you can justify the want to do something like this by saying you want to nail the first draft. I don’t have much else. I can justify this kind of deal during the draft perhaps, if you over spent, and you’re positioning yourself to win immediately in year one. But, six  weeks prior? Seems odd.