Trade: Rocky Mountain | TBD

Rocky Mountain Oysters sends: 2016 7th overall selection (1st round)
TBD sends: 2016 78th overall selection (5th round) & $25 in ’16 Auction Budget

Jordan’s thoughts: This is a pretty solid trade. I like it for both teams. TBD doesn’t sacrifice either one of their first two picks to get another first round draft pick. The cost of 25 auction budget could be devastating, but without any pre-cursor draft, it’s hard to judge what kind of talent that player will be. For RMO I like getting the cash, and falling back to the fifth round might not be all that much different in the grand scheme of things. The extra $25 provides a lot of flexibility in the draft coming up.

Update: The 7th overall selection was used on Rangers prospect OF – Lewis Brinson. High upside, could be a real star, a tad raw. Interesting use of auction funds to get a guy that’s a bit further off. Time will tell how the decision plays out.

Update 2: And now we know the 78th overall pick was used for Touki Toussaint. Toussaint is a former first round pick, high stuff, underdeveloped command, make or break pitcher. You love the upside if he figures it out. The downside is a bullpen pitcher. For the 78th pick its a good spot for RMO. Again I’m going to side with RMO getting the favorable side of the deal.

6 thoughts on “Trade: Rocky Mountain | TBD”

  1. These trades are a bad idea for the team acquiring the cash because it means they are likely to spend more on their roster in the auction. While this is good for the first auction/year, those higher prices will carry over to the next year when the Greed and inflation hits. This means they can’t possibly keep some valuable piece or they sacrifice depth.

    1. Can’t say you’re wrong, but I like the idea of having the player(s) in the first place by being able to out bid other people to have the flexibility to choose who I cut the next year prior to the next draft. Right, there’s odds that you can’t carry guys over another year. But, there’s also the chance that you have 2-3 guys to choose from that you didn’t before.

    2. This was my lone contention with the trade.

      Assuming that $25 gets spent at auction, plus $2/player for 30 players, plus $15 from greed allocation, your 2017 salary starts out at $100. That doesn’t take into account any acquisitions (or dumps) between now and then. So a year from now, you’re cutting an awful lot of guys.

      Generally speaking I don’t have a problem focusing on the short term though and do like the idea of just buying an Adam Eaton type for 2016 and hoping for the best. Lots of ways it could play out.

      It wasn’t mentioned in the post but the player taken with the pick acquired was Lewis Brinson. For me, I think I’d rather have the $25 now and take my chances later than have Brinson.

  2. True, playing for the short term is important when comparing it to a long term, uncertain asset. I also think its about just dealing with the problems later and getting the benefit now.

    But it all depends on how that FAAB is used. If the team is not aggressive enough with it now, then it will be a big waste. Or if it just nets them marginal upgrades, I am not sure the trade becomes justifiable. I am not such an aggressive owner when it comes to auctions, so I feel like I would use the FAAB poorly. That is just where I am coming from.

    *Not an owner in this league, but I like following you guys.*

  3. Thanks for the follow. To be sure, this isn’t FAAB. March 12th we’ll be having our auction draft for all the major league players. So Dusty will have $525 to spend vs $500 in that auction. While the extra money he spends will price him out next year for some players like you said, its a large enough budget to get creative.

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