Trade: Capital City Ironmen | Rocky Mtn Oysters

Capital City Ironmen send: 2B/3B/SS Wilmer Flores ($1)
Rocky Mtn Oysters sends: $1 2017 Auction Cash

Andrew’s thoughts: This one is slightly more exciting than the Ross Stripling trade.

It’s quite simple: Dusty wanted another player at shortstop and I had Wilmer Flores coming off the DL and didn’t really need him. Bonus: he plays 2B and 3B as well and will get some time at 1B with Lucas Duda hurt, likely unlocking eligibility there. The downside, of course, is that while Flores destroys left-handed pitching, he can’t hit righties and thus only gets limited playing time.

Anyway, this one’s a big meh. I get a dollar next year (woop!) and Dusty already has a bunch of extra budget cash in 2017 so bleeding a buck for a player he wanted is no skin off his back.