Trade: Preseason Double Stuffs | Rocky Mtn Oysters

Preseason Double Stuffs sends: SP Ross Stripling (FA)
Rocky Mtn Oysters sends: 2019 3rd Round Pick

Andrew’s thoughts: Boring!

No, but seriously, this is as close to a non-trade as a trade can be. It really is quite boring.

In Ross Stripling, the Oysters get a starting pitcher with a pulse, albeit one who couldn’t stick in the Dodgers’ rotation and is now in the minors. He did average 22.89 points per start, which is fine, except his last three turns through the order went for 0, -1, and 19.5 and he’s got a 4.26 xFIP and a 4.50 SIERA. The odds are overwhelming that he’s already done the best he’ll do.

For the Preseason (it is now the regular season, guys) Double Stuffs, Stripling was likely to be cut anyway, so getting a draft pick for a player unlikely to do much of anything going forward is better than just dumping him for nothing. Of course, the pick is only a third-rounder and won’t be made until 2019, so “nice” is a relative term.

Okay, now move along. There is nothing to see here.