Trade: Capital City Ironmen | Rocky Mtn Oysters

Capital City Ironmen send: RP Cody Allen ($10), 2018 3rd Round Pick
Rocky Mtn Oysters sends: 2018 2nd Round Pick

Jordan’s thoughts: Cody Allen has had a rough start to 2016. He seems to be doing slightly better, but it’s tough to tell when a reliever has fallen off. However, the price paid here, a tiny pick swap, makes me favor the side getting the player every time.

Andrew’s thoughts: This one is straightforward: my team isn’t in a position where relievers matter much and Dusty is scratching and clawing for wins. Since acquiring him, Cody Allen has actually pretty much returned to form. ZiPS loves him for the rest of the season. He could be helpful to the Oysters, whereas I’m happy just to acquire a future asset. And given yesterday’s return for Aroldis Chapman, I think it’s reasonable to suggest I wasn’t going to get a ton more from Allen alone.