Trade: Hustle Loyalty Respect | We Talk Fantasy Sports

We Talk Fantasy Sports sends: SP Mike Leake ($14)
Hustle Loyalty Respect sends: SP Lucas Sims (minors)

Jordan’s thoughts: I think this is a pretty square deal for all sides considered. Sims is a prospect, but not a huge one. If he turns out, great, if not whatever. Mike Leake is useful, but not necessarily someone you need to keep around for that big score.

Andrew’s thoughts: This is fine. I still don’t like Mike Leake, so there’s that. Of course, my dislike doesn’t mean he isn’t still a league average pitcher, which for 9-1 Hustle Loyalty Respect is considerably more useful than a 50 FV prospect.

For WTFS, this move dumps some future budget, frees up a major league roster spot, and upgrades a minors spot. It works. I feel like there are probably a dozen pitchers akin to Lucas Sims sitting in free agency that could’ve been had at no cost, but what do I know? Prospect values vary a lot and if there’s a guy you really like, I won’t fault you for paying to get him.