Trade: Rocky Mtn Oysters | Who’s Your Haddy?

Rocky Mountain Oysters sends: $10 2017 Auction Budget
Who’s Your Haddy? sends: 2017 4th round pick & another 2017 4th round pick

Andrew’s thoughts: Haddy swinging this deal from court is ironic since I think he should be put on trial for robbery. Hey-ooooooo!

I traded $6 and one of the 4ths in this deal for the 24th overall pick. So for some reason Dusty’s paying basically the same price for picks two full rounds later. Whatever, I guess. Feels like an overcorrection to having a ton of auction budget and no draft picks. Aren’t Will Benson and Joey Wentz the type of guys you can wait and find on waivers later? Meh. Maybe they’re awesome and I have no clue what I’m talking about. Better hope they sprout trade value by July.

Jordan’s thoughts: The price of getting on the draft clock seems to be roughly $5. This is for back to back picks. Cool I guess.