Trade: Long Ball to LF | Preseason Double Stuffs

PRE sends: 2018 3rd Round Pick, $15 Auction Budget
LB sends: 2018 1st Round Pick (2B Keston Hiura)

Andrew’s thoughts: I would have taken Keston Hiura first overall. I think PRE trading up to get him for $15 in a year where they have a ton of cash to blow is smart. What are they going to buy at auction for $15 that’s going to matter anyway? The way cost control works, they might get three seasons of usefulness from Hiura before paying him $15 total. So this is a pretty easy investment to make. Love it for the Double Stuffs.

As for Long Ball, well, this is what their team name always reminds me of.

Hustle’s toxic $0.02: $15 doesn’t buy you much in auction. I’d rather have a cost controlled Huira. The third round pick is better than a faab pickup in a month or so, but not by too much. I think normally this isn’t too bad for a mid first rounder , but with Huira still available I like it a lot more for Ferns. Huira was easily top 3 on my board, and by top 3 I don’t mean 3… I mean I might have had him 1 if I wanted to spend time thinking about it, but since I didn’t have a pick somewhere in top 3 at the latest, works for me. If this was the original auction I’d feel a lot different, 15 is like half the price for a decent SP gamble, and still very much a gamble. I guess if this is just building money to buy Ohtani, I can see the validity.