Trade: Hustle Loyalty Respect | JobuNeedsARefill

Hustle Loyalty Respect🏃🤝✊trades away

  • Voth, Austin

JobuNeedsARefill trades away

  • 2020 Draft Pick, Round 5 (JobuNeedsARefill)

Jordan’s Thoughts

Anytime you can trade a 5th round pick for a starter in Major League Baseball, you have to do it. HLR probably needed the roster spot so they could turn over their roster more for no other reason than curing boredom. So I guess from that perspective, that’s a win for Iosim.

Jobu gets a pitcher that has made two MLB starts, and while he’s probably a back end pitcher, you need those guys to build a team. Its a clear win for Jobu.

BAILEY’s Thoughts

This is alright.