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2020 Draft Pick, Round 5 (Trumpa Loompas)

Crapital Shitty Income trades away
Schoop, Jonathan ($19)


Hustle’s Toxic $.02 Pretty great trade for TL here. Assuming Schoop is a starter, he’s at worst a great fantasy backup, at best he’s a decent 2b fantasy starter in one of the shallower infield positions. I think Schoop goes for about this in auction, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. The cost of a 5th rounder is clearly nothing and it gives TL the added bonus of entertainment value as we now will get to watch how Bailey will spend this 5th rounder on next.  To be clear, I legitimately am eager to see what he gets after getting Kershaw with his previous one. Schoop seemed like an easy cut for CCI who has quite a few more to make, [REDACTED] knows exactly how much, I’m too lazy to look.  Maybe Bailey should have held onto Schoop longer to see if he could move him to one of the teams who hasn’t checked in yet because of football szn, but perhaps a 5th rounder was peak Schoop value.  For TL, acquiring 3 guys today at reasonable costs (Ozuna and Odorizzi too), has made his team decent amount better rather easily. At worst TL is now the Iosim Bowl favorite as oppose to underdog, at best he’s much closer to competing than he was yesterday.