Trade: Dozier Huge Boobs | Longball to LF

Lance Lynn is a lot of things, but most importantly, he's become the ace of the Rangers' pitching staff


Dozier Huge Boobs trades away

Long ball to LF trades away

  • Liover Peguero
  • Shane McClanahan
  • Antoine Kelly


Is this the year that Lance Lynn turns back into a pumpkin? He’s been living a charmed existence since getting to Texas, and it doesn’t make sense. He throws off-speed pitches just 10% of the time. Yet, somehow he has scored over 35 points per game each of the last two years. My worry with Lynn is that as he ages and the velocity comes down he won’t be able to keep hitters off balance.  However, until we see signs of regression, his value as a $10 pitcher with 35 ppg upside is much higher than the prospect package it took to acquire him. I think Dozier should have exercised a bit more patience with this one. Kudos to Longball for striking while the iron is hot, but this is the kind of player that should have started a bidding war. I would have expected a Max Muncy type return for Lynn. From what I see, he was put on the trade block at 8:35p and traded at 9:48p. Which isn’t necessarily wrong, but sometimes you gotta let it breathe instead of taking the first offer.

Now for the prospects. As a Brewers fan, I’ve always been fond of Antoine Kelly. Big bodied kid with a huge fastball from the left side, but could end up in the bullpen with his command issues and inconsistent secondaries. Peguero is a glove first SS that you hope ends up being 5 and 5 with the bat. The Pirates traded for him, so they must see something they like? But they’re the Pirates so that’s probably a bad thing. Shane McClanahan is my favorite of the bunch, but I’d like him more if he wasn’t destined to be a twice through the order guy for the Rays. At best. Probably more like a multi inning reliever.

Final thought: Be patient. It’s November.