TRADE: Dozier Huge Boobs & Who’s your Haddy

From the Mag: Won't Back Down. Max Muncy was motivated to show that heโ€ฆ |  by Cary Osborne | Dodger Insider


Dozier Huge Boobs trades away

  • Max Muncy – $18
  • 2021 Draft Pick, Round 4 Pick 10
  • 2021 Draft Pick, Round 3 Pick 10

Who’s Your Haddy trades away

  • Jordan Groshans (prospect)
  • Drew Waters (prospect)
  • Brayan Rocchio (prospect)


Max Muncy, the man who came out of nowhere, at age 27 put up an OPS of .973, followed it up with an .889 in 2019. He did dip down to .720 OPS in 2020 in a shortened 200 AB sample. Is this the sign of decline at the age of 30 or just a small sample noise? My advice when evaluating players is to take 2020 stats with a grain of salt as they were playing only a small amount of teams and the sample size is small.
ย  ย  ย  ย  I know Haddy was competing with some other teams for Muncy, and congrats on ponying up enough prospect capital to win and get this guy, as he will no doubt help you win. His positional flexibility alone makes him valuable as 2B and 1B may be two of the shallowest fantasy positions this year. At age 30 he should be valuable for the next 2-3 years at minimum and his cost is not a worry in the least.

As for the DHB, the prospect return here is probably my favorite prospect package of all the rebuilders trades. According to Baseball America DHB picked up the number 25 and 32 prospects in Groshans and Waters respectively. And Rocchio is a young high ceiling guy who is a perfect 3rd player lottery ticket. Groshans has yet to play any meaningful games above Low A so is still high risk. So while its an exciting package with lots of potential, there is risk. Prospects aren’t the only way to rebuild …I think Kolten Wong would have been a buy low candidate that Haddy throws in with the prospects if its needed to get the job done, and with a bounce back year from Wong you have a solid 2B or more trade bait. Something to think about

ย  ย  ย Solid trade for both teams, with 3 high ceiling players DHB has good odds of looking back in 3 years and marking this down as a win, but for now Hadley gets to compete with a revamped infield. Things to remember when you have a core player at a cheap salary you have the power as that player is in demand. You can hold that player and make your team better and trade him mid season(after you fall out of contention) and still likely get a nice prospect return. So don’t be afraid to hold out for more and if you can get multiple competing teams involved to bid up the price all the better. Take your time out there. Like your mother always says…slow and steady wins the race.ย ย