Trade: Marshall Law | Bomb Squad

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Marshall Law Trades:
Francisco Lindor

Bomb Squad Trades:
Alex Bregman
George Kirby


(Obligatory trash can joke.)Look, Bregman took a step back – I know it, you know it. His BABIP dropped almost 30 points, but even then, BABIP wasn’t a big part of Bregman’s game anyways (in 2018 and 2019, his BABIP was below .300). The slugging percentage dropping by 140 points is scary, and the .451 slugging was the lowest of his career. But there are some encouraging steps, in that his swinging strike percentage was still below five percent, his contact rate still sat over 85 percent, and his exit velocity still sat at his career average. All of that, plus a manageable $40 salary and the fact he will play the obligatory amount to get SS eligibility (thank you, Carlos Correa!), makes him a smart buy-low to me. Oh, AND George Kirby? A power arm that throws strikes? He doesn’t walk anyone. Literally – he didn’t walk anyone in 2019. He’s not a Top 100 prospect, but you know how you just see a guy making the majors? That’s Kirby. The other stuff is still a little behind, but he could get himself to Seattle in part of an interesting rebuild quickly. Getting Lindor when you have Carlos Correa and Adalberto Mondesi, flawed as they are is an…interesting approach. In those three players alone, Bomb Squad now has over $180. Meanwhile, the third base options are… Maikel Franco? Hanser Alberto? The more I see this, the less I get it. But okay, let’s say he can trade Carlos Correa, he has Lindor now, and the counting stats are great (30 HR from 2017-2019), but there are SOME worrying pieces as the swinging strikes are going up and the barrels are going down. Still, I give him a 2020 Pass too, because this year was wacky (his Slugging fell by more than 100 points though, for what it’s worth). Who wins? I’ll take Marshall in this one, if only because the trading pieces in HIS positional surplus (Moncada, Urshela) would be better than Bomb’s surplus (Correa, Mondesi) should either one choose to trade them. Plus, adding players and losing some salary is a win-win to me.

-Kyle HTCP