Trade: Beach Bum I Eastbound and Dowd

Yankees still showing interest in acquiring All-Star reliever Josh Hader

Beach Bum

gets Carlos Santana 1B $37

Eastbound and Dowd

gets Josh Hader $5

I have never kept a reliever on my team in all the years of this league. I just don’t think they are worth paying up for, So I would side with Beach Bum here. Carlos Santana was 7.2 ppg in 2019 his best season, and in a shortened season in 2020 was only a 4.8 ppg which is why he is available for cheap here. Its a great buy low.

Josh Hader is one of the best relievers in baseball and,  if he is on my roster for $5 dollars I’m going to keep him. He does have value. With the 50 IP max rule change, a great way to judge a pitcher would be points/IP….in that metric Hader was 6.5 in 2020 and 7.4 in 2019. Both of those numbers were better than Eastbounds ace pitcher Max Sherzer who was not his great self in 2020 5.4points/IP and in his great 2019 was 6.76/IP. So in Hader you get quality innings its just not a lot of them. Plus Eastbound saves 32 dollars which is key for him as he is up against the cap.

The trade comes down to Santana, if he is back in 2019 form it’s not going to look great for Eastbound; but, if he truly is a 4.8 ppg player than his salary isn’t justified and good job getting something for him.