Trade : Bomb Squad I Brew Crew

Who else is in lockdown mode? I’m stuck here just south of Siberia where my government is telling me I can go to work and not do much else for the next 4 weeks. I can’t visit anyone or have anyone over to my house. Just me the wife and 3 kids driving each other nuts with nothing much to do.  So I have time to kill and you are all going to have to suffer through some of my ill informed opinions on these trades.

Brew Crew:

gets Luke Weaver $8

Bomb Squad:

gets Tyler Stephenson

Luke Weaver was pretty bad in 2020, but good in 2019, bad in 2018 but decent in 2017. So he should be good in 2021, just trade him before 2022. In 2019 in 12 starts he had a K/9 over 9 and a whip of 1.07 and Fip of 3.07.Those numbers are really good. He is only 27 years old. In my view a great buy low candidate, if he can run into some consistency you have yourself a solid SP at a bargain price.

Tyler Stephenson made his MLB debut at age of 24 and it looks like he may have some offensive upside .285/.372/.410 was his AA line from 2019. I think he may be underrated in prospect circles and think he has a chance to be an above average offensive catcher.

Pretty reasonable trade with upside either way, so the players will determine the winner here; however, I do lean towards Brew Crew with this trade. Weaver has been very good at times in the past. We all need a catcher but the problem is they tend to only play 75% of the games and just don’t get the ab’s. If he turns into an elite offensive catcher than this might look like a steal down the road.