Trade: Brew Crew | Pine Mountain Podstars

After strong stint with Milwaukee Brewers, Hiura lands back with San Antonio Missions -


Brew Crew trades away


Pine Mountain Podstars trades away

  • Keston Hiura – $1


This might be a homer trade for Brew Crew. Given the state of his roster and prospects (which have improved), this is going to be a long year. And if it takes a homer trade to get a guy that you can root for, I get it. You’ve gotta have something to keep you excited. Keston had a great 2019 with the Brewers. Last offseason he was being talked about as a top 3 second baseman in fantasy. We just didn’t see that same guy in 2020. Hiura has always been a free swinger, lots of K’s, not a lot of walks, but this year he had a K rate of 35%. The book might be out on Keston, he simply could not handle off-speed pitches in 2020, posting a .185 slugging against them. He definitely has the talent to make adjustments and I hope we see that in 2021. However, also working against him is his well below average defense. Assuming there is a DH in the NL soon, Keston is an obvious DH type in Milwaukee. Should that happen, and he becomes UT only in DG, the bat would have to be elite again to sustain this valuation. Fingers crossed.

Will Smith is really exciting. If his 2020 numbers are any indication of the player he’s going to be moving forward, Podstars could end up with the best player in this deal. If you’re bored, check out Will Smith‘s Baseball Savant page. Lots of red. He’s already in the conversation with Realmuto as the best fantasy catcher after two partial seasons. I’ll grant you that it’s a small sample, but he couldn’t have done any better than he did. Along with Smith, Podstars also gets the rights to JP Crawford, who will undoubtedly be kept on his roster for three and half months, just to be cut the day before the auction.