Trade Review – Marshall Law & Suplex City

To ML:

Carlos Carrasco ($44 34 y.o. 20 ppg)


To Suplex City:

Alejandro Pie – prospect

Gage Workman – prospect

Kyle Harrison – prospect


TL;DR – ML hopes for a healthy Carrasco while SC gets a couple high-upside lotto tickets.

I think this was a pretty balanced trade that made a lot of sense for both sides.

Marshall Law took on some moderate salary hoping for the good Carrasco to show up the rest of the way.  When Carrasco has been healthy, he’s mostly been good.  Aside from the weird 2019 season for him, he has either been healthy enough to show up every 5th day and perform like a top 25-30 pitcher or he has been hurt and not performed at all.  That kind of upside is hard to grab for the price Marshall paid at this time of the year.  Will Carrasco be 2019 bad or 2020 good?  We’ll see.  The definite win for Carrasco is that he isn’t associated with a team that calls themselves the Guardians.

Suplex City moved a player that likely won’t help him make his next championship run for a couple high-upside guys in Pie and Harrison. This is the type of move that makes complete sense when Suplex City bought Carrasco at auction.  Suplex City committed to the rebuild last offseason, and he executed that strategy at auction hoping for a chance to trade Carrasco for more pieces to back the rebuild. Ultimately, Carrasco didn’t pitch until the end of July. He still returned in time to net Suplex a couple guys to dream on.  My favorite part of Suplex’s return is Kyle Harrison, an atypical prep prospect who was more refined than others his age and then added velo late.  His K numbers this year reflect some big upside, but the BB numbers show a need to learn to harness the new velo.  Harrison has the ingredients to be a star with at least a couple years of development to endure before he puts any points on the board for Suplex City. Also dreamy is the body of 19 y.o. Alejandro Pie (yep, I said it).  I’ve never actually seen his body, but the complex level reports consist of a guy with a frame to add on to and lots of power to come with that frame projection. He’s supposedly athletic enough to stick at short and fast enough to play center field, so he has some defensive spectrum leeway too.  If you’re going to bet on a 19 year old that is playing baseball in the U.S. for the first time, you can do worse.  The last piece of Suplex’s return is Gage Workman.  I won’t dwell here other than to say the fears about his approach have come to fruition since his promotion to high A after beating up low A as an old-for-the-level guy.  Approaches can change, but Workman has lots of work to do, man.

Haddy (Who’s Your Haddy?)