Victory Speech

Speech Speech Speech!!

Ok fine. Indulge me!

It feels great to join the Dynasty Grinders Championship club. But a championship team doesn’t just happen. Like it takes a community to raise a child, you all played a role in helping Long Ball succeed and
some thanks are in order.

First off, the players. I would be ungrateful if I didn’t thank Triston Mckenzie. He wasn’t doing so hot, sent to the minors midseason, he finally put it all together down the stretch averaging 57 points per start
over his last 5 starts, to him goes the playoff MVP.

Next up the unsung hero award goes to Ranger Suarez. Ranger was a prospect on my team for a few years and then he found his way onto the waiver wire, well the prodigal son returned home just in time, picked
up randomly as a reliever he was thrust into the rotation just when my team needed it with multiple starters on the DL and he averaged 39 points per start over his last 5 starts. Better to be lucky than good.

Finally props to the year long constants for this team. Robbie Ray on the mound who was the lead point produer and Juan Soto who was just a few points shy of Ray.

But like I said this isn’t all about LongBall to LF. This is about you guys. You Complete me. You had me at “Is it baseball season yet”.

Marshall Law….Thanks for stepping in and running the league and doing a damn good job when our former leader abandoned us. Also a thank you for choking the last week of the season to give me that first round bye. You inherited a fringy team and have turned it into a playoff mainstay.

Hustle Loyalty Respect….Thanks for all the help in making the league run its appreciated. But more thanks for being that team that everyone enjoys beating just a tad more than anyone else, and for letting me beat you twice this year. Double fun. Hell of a year for you and hell of a roster, lots of decisions coming for you.

Beach Bum….Thanks for bringing the class level of the league up a notch. Oh and for graciously letting me, be the one to beat Hustle in the playoffs this year…true restraint on your part.

Who is Your Haddy….Thanks for being a grinder. Missed the playoffs in our last full year (2019) I believe, but yet you retool adding veterans in offseason. Best player hits DL (Trout) but you keep grinding and adding to compete and get paid playoff money. We need teams like you. Thanks, better luck next year.

Pine Mountain Podstars….Thanks new guy, for running your team and competing…you pitching was getting hot near the end and had me scared. And for keeping that random channel on slack going.

TBD…..Thanks for Cedric Mullins and his 1050 fantasy points so far. And thank you for going all in on pitchers who just couldn’t stay healthy. Oh and Ketel Marte he was useful. Another great competitor I appreciate you two. Need lady luck next year.

Dozier Huge Boobs….Thanks for joining our league, participating and keeping us going. Thanks for Lance Lynn he was just as you described a healthy horse who worked his tail off. Mclanahan and Peguero
both took steps forward so you can feel good about a solid trade each way.

Senior Squids….Thanks for being an original grinder and sticking with it despite some crumby luck here and there cough(Forest Whitley). Continuity is key in a league so thanks for the Loyalty. Would also be ungrateful if i didn’t thank you for not taking my late season offer of Mullins and Bogaerts + prospects for Bassitt and Springer. You knew Springer was damaged goods and unloaded him on Hustle…and probably sensed Bassitt would be injured shortly….true friend. 

H-Town Trash …Thanks for livening up the slack channel, its part of what makes the league great. I thought your team had as much momentum as any in the 2nd half so thanks for competing. I see good things a head for you

EastBound and Dowd…..No luck for you this year…but thanks for also bringing some class to the league. Beach Bum lite in my mind. Thanks for trading star players at the deadline and getting mlb players back,
not settling for prospects years away. But I really have to thank you for not dealing me Cody Bellinger in the offseason, I don’t know if I win this year without your help…I can’t remember our wager but it may have been me trying to tell you Bogaerts had a good chance of out producing Bellinger who was coming off shoulder surgery. Do you remember?

Brew Crew….. Thanks for Robbie Ray. Yes you were just a middle man taking Hustle’s unwanted SP and peddling him to me for an Urbina, but you deserve appreciation, so THANK YOU. Also your upsetting Marshall Law in seasons final week of season was huge, thanks for competing to the end. I
don’t win without you.

We Talk Fantasy Sports ….Thanks again for your loyalty to the league. Nice to see people who will stick with something. I’d say thanks for Stripling but I don’t know that he actually helped me that much but he gave me some innings near the end that i might not of been able to match off the wire. Witt Jr coming, Salvador Perez….you were one of the unluckier teams this year I see just a few tweaks and a little luck standing in your way of the playoffs next year

Suplex City….Thanks for joining and sticking with it despite us legacy members giving you a rough welcoming. You got the off-season rocking and put your stamp on your team. Thank you for Sonny Gray he stayed healthy all year. Thanks for giving the hard throwing future TJ arm to TBD. I see lots of pieces here as well. Keep grinding.

Organized Chaos…..Thanks for sticking with us. Never getting offended at a lame offer sent your way. As a Braves fan I promise to let Acuna finish out his career on your team. I’m just going to need him the
next 10 years…then he is yours.

Bomb Squad…Thanks for joining, I hope your still here, you haven’t called or texted in months. Thanks for rejecting that offer of Mckenzie and Rodgers and prospects for Jack Flaherty. I needed those two guys to step up and perform in the playoffs so thank you for that. May not have won without you! I may come calling again for Flaherty.