Senior Squids and Lansdowne Legends

Senior Squids  gets

Salvador Perez C  $20

Lansdowne Legends gets

Jordan Balazovic  SP
Spencer Howard  SP
Xavier Edwards SS
Luis Torrens C


Squids gets possibly the top fantasy C in the league for a couple back end top 100 prospects and post hype Spencer Howard. I really like the deal here for Squids. In my opinion it is time for him to cash in prospects and compete, and it looks like he is ready to do that. Trading Perez for not too far distant prospects also makes sense to me, if I am in the Legends shoes.

I’ll cut to the chase, I’m not a  big believer in Xavier Edwards as a big fantasy asset. He has hit 1 HR in his 3 year minor league career. Its tough for a player with little power to have a lot of value. He does have what looks like great bat to ball skills, which should give him a decent floor, just don’t think the ceiling is that high. Best case scenario is a Whit Merrifield type player which would be a great outcome. I see more of a Luis Arraez with some speed. He is in the upper minors so at least he isn’t years away. But I see questionable upside, more valuable in Roto leagues IMO.

I am rooting for Balazovic as a fellow Canadian. He played in AA at age 22 last year and the stats aren’t all that impressive with a WHIP of 1.4. Scouts see something they like as Baseball America has him ahead of Joe Ryan, and listed as the top pitcher on their 2025 projected rotation. So trusting the scouts here.

Spencer Howard is your typical post hype prospect. His MLB numbers were bad…I’d rather gamble that he figures something out than get a rookie level prospect with some helium thrown in.

So to sum up my thoughts. Nice trade for Squids as his offence needed some punch and he gives up prospects who are knocking on the door but would have to add or improve tools to really increase their ceiling.

Lansdowne is trading a 31 year old catcher coming off a career year on a team friendly salary. For his team it probably makes sense to trade him at some point as he inherited a team with limited depth and a 3 for 1 trade could help.  I do like the fact all prospects have AA experience. He will need something to click with Howard, or Balazovic to take another step to make this trade look a little better in my eyes. The alternate route that could be taken, is hold onto your stars , spend your auction dollars on help and see how your season starts and then look to sell him when you find yourself out of the competition. For me I prefer that route unless i am really getting the prospect I covet.