5. Beach Bum

A 2022 breakout candidate for every National League Central team – The Athletic

Beach Bum

2021: 15-5
4th place finish

Favorite draft pick: Michael McGreevy 4th round

I can’t figure out Beach Bum. He doesn’t make a lot of moves, but he’s always one of the best teams. He’s methodical. Draft and develop. Just because he took him, I’m expecting we see Wes Kath in Cooperstown. I can’t make sense of it. Christian Yelich has struggled for two years, then suddenly Marcus Semien becomes a superstar to take his place. Gleyber Torres loses his mojo, and then Josh Bell figures it out again. Every time one of his star players falters, another guy shows up out of nowhere. It’s uncanny. 

Not much to say about Beachlers offseason. I couldn’t even find a meaningful trade to include in this review. He’s just gonna run it back, and end up with a top 5 finish. Just like every other season. I like what he did at the auction, I think? I just know that while it’s not flashy, they’re all going to be meaningful contributors. 

Shrugged shoulders emoji. Beachler is a playoff team again. 

2022 prediction: same as it ever was, top 5 finisher