Banger of a move. You Betts!

Well this trade was worthy of a write-up. Its not everyday the top prospect in baseball gets dealt.

WallBangers gets:

Mookie Betts $114 6.91 ppg
Joe Ryan $1 36.8 ppg
J Malloy (prospect)

4th round pick 

Sojo Good It’s Scary gets:

Jackson Holliday
Evan Carter
Samuel Zavala
1st round pick(Marshall Law)

Quite the Trade. What were your first impressions? Feel free to share in the comment section.

Easy to see why Wallbangers was willing to spend some prospect capital. He gets a Joe Ryan at $1 who he will expect to be a top starter at a cheap salary for the next few years. He gets Betts who is still a near elite hitter(11th best in league as of today) with added benefit of positional flexibility . To most teams I think his 2B eligibility would be most desirable but Wallbangers has several good options there, and he looks more useful as an OF on this team. Malloy a 23 yr old in AAA seems to be a possible high OBP hitter with some power , kind of prospect who may be undervalued.
Early returns include a -27 Start for Joe Ryan with his new team. I’m sure his new owner loved it and is confident it will just be a blip on the radar.

Sojo gets the big prize Jackson Holliday. As a 19 year old who has split time between A/A+ OPS .994. Similar to Bo Bichette who at same age mixed those levels to a .988 OPS. Jackson shows a little better OBP than Bichette at the same age with a little less power. A Bo Bichette who can take a walk more consistently is probably a top 5 hitter in the game.
Evan Carter is #7 prospect on MLB’s top 100 and is in AA at 20 years old putting up an .850 OPS.

Really nice trade for both teams IMO. Its so easy to get attached to your prospects and overvalue them. It takes some balls to trade two top 10 prospects, so give Wallbangers props for going for it. I think his team is now a top contender for the rest of the season.

Ryan’s having a career year and his BaBIP is actually higher this year than last so his improvment seems legit. His HR rate is down and his BB rate is down. His HR rate may tick up a bit but even so he should be a top Starter for next few years barring injury. Opinions vary on the value of a player like Betts at his salary.  In my mind his value would be very different to each team. For my team I would be treating him like a rental. A very good rental , but I don’t know that i would be able to make room for his salary.  Regardless of cost this trade makes Wallbangers a good bet to get into the playoffs and a real threat once in. This trade may not age well so if he somehow misses the playoffs this year it may be looked back on with some regret. 

Love this trade for Sojo. If I’m building a team I’m building it with young stud hitters and I think Sojo gets the best of all of them with Holliday. His ceiling and floor both seem incredibly high. Carter is just a step down, but one of the best in the game as evidenced by ranking #7 on MLB pipeline list.  Zavala and Malloy i will say are pretty equal, maybe more ceiling with Zavala and more floor with Malloy. Pitching will break your heart and I think trading a 27 year old Joe Ryan at his peak value has a chance to look very good. Pitchers are more likely to get hurt, or have wild swings in value  so trading them at peak value to start a rebuild is a solid move. 

Good Work you Guys!! I think you both got what you needed here. 

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