Shooters Bullets Part 3


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Today, I have a Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 and I’m listening to Good Grief by Urban Dance Squad with a bottle of Sparkling Ice Berry Lemonade:


  • A Tale of Two Cities

This past week, the Oakland Ballers, a Pioneer League team based in Oakland, had their home opener. I didn’t go, but it looks like it was a fun time. I was sad watching the news footage. Not because the turnout was bad, and not because it looked like it was a raggedy time (it didn’t – and J.T. Snow was there, so you know that shit was all class). I was sad  because Oakland deserves a team, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Growing up, I didn’t really care for Oakland. Most of that was due to all of my East Bay-based cousins and uncles, none of whom I was particularly close with or had good relationships with, hyped up all the Oakland-based teams while shitting all over my San Francisco-based teams. The surface level shit bothered me. Blasphemous claims such as “Barry Bonds? TLong and Jermaine Dye are way better than him.” “Jerry Rice looks better in Silver and Black.” “You like the Warriors? The Kings actually win games.” But the subtext, the “we’re regular, working-class people, and you guys are rich” really bothered me.  I didn’t grow up rich. I grew up in a working-class, union-friendly family. My parents worked tough jobs, trying to give my brother and I every opportunity. This meant that sometimes we couldn’t get the extras. And my extended family made my family feel like shit for it. One of my aunts based out of the East Bay once came to my neighborhood (which I love and credit for helping me become the wild man I am today) and made it a big deal about how she needed to “lock her doors” so that no one stole the car. There were always sly remarks about how our house looked. But then the moment that sports or geographical pride came up, we were recast as the rich and powerful and they were the sisters of the poor living out in the sticks. And I hated the entire East Bay for that growing up, and that made me adopt a “Fuck Oakland” attitude as a teen. But then, I actually visited Oakland and Berkley, Alameda, Hayward, and realized my relatives are just assholes and not indicative of most of the East Bay. Granted, there is a prevailing anti-San Francisco sentiment from Oakland specifically that can get tiresome when you’re a native. But both cities are getting it in the shorts because of gentrification and years of bureaucratic nonsense from leaders who care more about advancing careers than they do about the cities they govern. The point is: I’ve gotten more appreciative of Oakland, the East Bay, and their respective teams. And over the years, I have been disappointed with the manner by which things have gone for Oakland. The loss of the Raiders was outright bullshit, but it’s not surprising given that Mark Davis is a nepo-baby, man-child, punk bitch who will never get out of his father’s shadow and looks like the blond, white version of Park from Hey Arnold. See the resemblance. Maybe I’m being unfair to Park. He’d know how to run a team. The loss of the Warriors is touchy. As a San Franciscan, I must remind Oaklanders that the Warriors were San Francisco’s originally, and moved (in part) due to the inability of government to find a stable home for them (not due to some lack of interest, like some morons will try to claim). There is also the part that Warriors ownership in the 70s wanted to have a majority of the fandom of the state and decided to have games played in two cities (Oakland and San Diego) on some money shit. Or the part where the team’s star (Rick Berry) decided to not play a season due to them not paying him. The point: the team was run poorly, and that doesn’t mean that San Francisco didn’t support it on a local level. And, while not personal, the articles about how coming to The City was bad for the Warriors and shitting all over the people in SF who love sports felt personal. Especially when it was coming from people who aren’t from here. It used to be more, but Tech killed that. Anyways… it’s not personal, but it feels like it. Because I am my city, and I love the Warriors. Not just the Steph Curry Warriors, but the Antawn Jamison/Adonal Foyle “It’s a Great Time Out” Warriors. The Warriors that couldn’t buy a win in San Antonio for DECADES. I’ll admit though: watching a game at Chase Center is not the same as watching a game at Roaracle. Oracle Arena was special. The same way Candlestick was. The same way the Cow Palace can be. And the way the Oakland Coliseum would be if they had a competent owner (more on that in a bit). The A’s – out of the two Oakland teams and The Warriors, I always just assumed they’d be there. The idea of them not being in the Bay Area is heartbreaking. And moreso when you have watched (as I have) decades of inept A’s ownership bungle things. Just a few years ago, Oakland was ready to give the A’s Howard Terminal, but the A’s balks (kinda akin to the 49ers screwing San Francisco when they had the bonds agreed to to build a new Candlestick – John York can go sit and spin). Now, before I get yelled at, some Oaklander will yell about the territorial rights and how SAN FRANCISCO AND THE GIANTS DID THIS TO US! There’s something to that. The San Francisco Giants ownership group absolutely played Oakland and the A’s. But, two things: 1) The continual “San Francisco did this is” is just wrong. Blaming a bunch of million and billionaires is fairplay. Blaming a city, its residents (working class included) and its team’s fans is bullshit. And, 2) San Jose sucks, I’d have totally given them the rights for free. But I also traded 5 draft picks for things I don’t remember a few years ago to prove a point, so what do I know?  The thing is, I don’t get the move. I understood the idea of the Raiders leaving when it was for LA (a bigger market with more media coverage). But when the Raiders, and now the A’s, have picked the number 48 market over the number 4 (or 6 depending on who you ask), it makes no sense. And this isn’t me shitting on Vegas. The D Hotel has a great steak, the fountain at the Bellagio is cool, hookers happiness is easy to find, and Vegas is just cool. But Vegas is a market that likes its shit brand new. Vegas is not the kind of mistress you can just hand your wife’s old minks over to (sorry about the bad quality). Vegas needs new. Hair did, nails did, everything did. Taking the A’s to Vegas will fail. I actually don’t think they get there. They may get stuck in AAA purgatory, (in Sacramento of all places – Vivek Yeshwant, I hope everything in your kingdom crumbles for ever crossing The Bay Area, you province King) because, in addition to being a stupid move, John Fisher is fucking moron. The man is one of the worst owners in the MLS. He, like Davis, is a nepo-baby punk who is watching the empire his father built crumble because he’s a doofus with no business acumen and the face of a hateful version of Kuato. The A’s have been dealt a bum hand. And I’m not just talking about the horrible Dallas Braden broadcasts (though it’s not like Hunter Pence is any better). I’m talking about Major Leaguers getting sent down for siding with the city. I’m talking about players from other teams doing their best Jewel impression and stealing dirt from their homeland. I’m talking about the sexiest mayor in America getting lied to by Fisher and his stooge Dave Kaval (I would love Sheng Tao to be my Zaddy Mayor). I don’t have much more to say, but I hope the Ballers do well. I really wish that Joe Lacob would buy the A’s. And I think with the move to Vegas or Sacramento, this only hurts The Bay Area. Now, with one less option, The Giants’ wack-ass ownership group is going to be even lazier about being good, louder about patting itself on the back and we’re going to have to just sit and deal with… I’ll talk about that next week. I love you, Oakland. I wish things would be better. I’ll miss dollar hot dog days and buying beers from bootleggers outside the Coliseum on the way to BART.

  • London Calling

The big story in baseball this past week was the London Series. It was great. Brycie continued to be dangerous, entertaining and doofy. Starling Marte was being the ultimate Mets ambassador by playing like, well, Starling plays. The stadium looked cool. And even the Brits had some fun with it. As a former season-ticket holder, one who got screwed over numerous times by the Giants ticket department, I always have a weird take on international regular season games. I also always get weirded out by midseason games taking place at neutral venues, but that’s probably more of a reaction to college football’s overreliance on that gimmick to sell tickets. However, I can’t deny that this was cool. The venue was reminiscent of Stade Olympique, Estadio Azteca and La Maracana, and that uniqueness really made the games. So, while watching these games, chewing on a Kiva Peppermint Bar and sipping on a few shots of Fireball mixed in with my hot chocolate (it was hella cold this weekend in The City), I got to thinking. I think we should make the World Series a real world series. Put some expansion teams in Europe and Latin America, include the KBO and NPB, and give us a tournament with the NL, AL, KBO, NPB champs plus a Euro champ and a few champs from Latin America. Fuck it. Let’s do it big. Silly, but also the idea of a baseball game of note with real stakes being played in this place. Or hell, what about this place with this kind of fan after hours of drinking outside and waiting for a playoff game? Well, maybe not. But, either way, why was the pregame show done at Yankee Stadium? 

  • On that note:

I know that in the old, crusty, rich man card-game that is professional sports, there’s a lot of copycat stuff. You see it in things like “City Connect” uniforms, which comes from all the alternative uniforms you see in college athletics, which comes from the Hardwood Classics that the NBA throws out there, which is all just a bastardization of the novel “throwback” craze of the early-2000s. The point here is that everything is just a game of keeping up with the Joneses… It’s just a question of which Jones. It’s almost always Jerry Jones, but right now, the Jones MLB needs to follow is the CPL’s Tri-City Chili Peppers. Born in the midst of the Pandemic, the Chili Peppers play in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Last week they decided to play a game of Cosmic Baseball. I’m not saying that MLB would ever do anything like this. Hell, the NHL and NBA would do something like this before the MLB would dare. I know the thought of this kind of thing happening at a Yankee Stadium or even at The Field of Dreams is daydream at best and a stupid idea at worst. But if we’re doing away with such traditions as league-specific play and rules, timeless games, and acting as if the Dodgers and Padres are an actual rivalry when there is only ONE GODDAMN RIVALRY IN THE NL WEST AND THAT’S BETWEEN US AND THE DODGERS, YOU GOT THAT SAN DIEGO?! WATCH YOUR FUCKING TONE WHEN YOU TALK TO THE BAY. GO KEEP MAKING THOSE SHITTY BURRITOS WITH FRIES IN IT. CALIFORNIA BURRITO, MY ASS. MORE LIKE PRIMANTI BROTHER BURRITOS. YOU BETTER COME CORRECT WHEN YOU SPEAK ABOUT THE MISSION BURRITO. ALSO, Tony Gwynn is still the best hitter to ever do it. Kay, love you. Hugs and kisses. Let’s do lunch next week. Byeee… The thing is, if we’re going to keep ripping away things, can we at least replace them with cool shit? Its America’s pastime, for fuck’s sake. And in the United States of America, when we rip down landmarks, we typically replace them with cool looking malls and condos for yuppies. We already have the condo for Yuppies, let’s get the cool-looking mall. Also, maybe a Man Does Not Hit in the House of Juan Soto Under Armor ad along with the neon-colored night time jerseys and Savannah Banana fuckery will help. An even better video of the Cosmic Baseball game.

  • Am I Okay with Cheating?

Not Usually. But I love Roger Clemens. Yes, I loved him even as an asshole! Of course I love Jose Canseco, the guy was my kind of heel. Pete Rose? Charlie Hustle! The Man Kane murdered in Boston? I love him too. (Note: Barry Bonds hasn’t been caught, so all that shit was natural and fuck you if you don’t like it. #AllHailGregAnderson #ADownAssBitch.) But this whole Tucupita Marcano thing is a little, eh. I dunno if I’m okay with betting on baseball, but I’m not so against it that everyone who does it needs a punishment of a public spanking and a chili up their ass like the dude in Things Fall Apart (unless they like that kind of thing, in which case who am I to yuck someone’s yum?). Does a lifetime ban seem a little crazy? To me it does. But I also don’t know who he bet on. Did he bet on his team to win? Cause that’s the kind of lunatic I want on my team. I’m deadass. Don’t give me a loudmouth “you hate to play him, but love to have him on your team” type. Give me a man who talks shit up front and keeps talking shit. Betting on your team is kinda like that. But if Tupica and the others picked other teams to win, then maybe. I dunno. I’m not Judge Doom (evil bastard), I don’t like being Judge, Jury and Executioner. Granted, I like Judge Dredd (I AM THE LAW!). 

  • Vlady, I need you bad, *Drunk hiccup* baby!

I don’t know if Vladamir Jr. is going to get moved this year. The current news out of the internet streets is that the Chicago Cubs are looking to nab him. I’ve heard other names (usual suspects: Boston, Los Angeles, and New York) but it’s almost immaterial. I think this needs to happen. Vlady is a star. Toronto should be better, but they aren’t (don’t ask me why, I ain’t no master of the speechifying). Maybe this is the perfect time for one of those massive mid-season trades. You remember, the shocking ones that people shit themselves over. We haven’t had a 2008 trade deadline in years. Or how about the wild day that Boston decided to turn death into a fighting chance to live. Remember that shocking Houston trade? Or when the Blue Jays decided to move Roger? WHAT ABOUT THIS BLOCKBUSTER?!?!?1? We need something. Anything! But we need something wild to happen to make this season even more unpredictable. The most unpredictable thing: The Giants redeeming Brian Sabean 21 years after he made the mistake of a lifetime (more on this next week) AND GETTING THE SON OF THE MAN! Vladdy, baby, I need you tonight, because I’m not sleeping and you’re one of my kind!

  • Honestly, Ty Cobb was Booty Butt-Cheeks.

When it comes to old baseball, this is a kinda legit take, even if it’s funny. This why I’m not understanding the big deal about incorporating the Negro League stats atop the MLB record books. The likelihood was that the players in that league (Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson, specifically) were better than the majority of the players in MLB. This feels like a fair thing all around. Why is this a big deal? Disservice? Brother, touch grass. Is it fair for MLB to claim players that they actively kept out of the game? No. But, do I think those guys should have their rightful place above some of the guys who we’ve been lauding for so long? Fuck yes, you mervin! 


Wild Man’s Musings: This fucking guy Arson guy is just hot…  Not as hot as Mrs. Ramos’ Baby Boy! This man is so hot, he’s causing fights in Reddit threads. Post Script: The fight got edited, but there’s still remnants there. Seeing these two neckbeards fight in the wild that is The Internet was a trip… I know I’m not supposed to like him, and it goes against my Giants fandom, but IT’S KIKE, BITCHES!Look at this mammoth home-run. Talk about The Natural… I don’t want to dog pile on Alanna Rizzo, but that comment was on some sucka shit… Sac-Town’s fattest asshole, Rowdy Tellez, hit his first home run since March. Congrats, Fat Boy… Speaking of assholes, Agent Zero… I’m not the biggest LeBron fan, but I have to give his docuseries some love. The Glove and The Reign Man were dope!.. Speaking of hoop, this commercial is an absolute abomination. Jordan still looks like Jordan, no need for this… I hate to say this, but Stephen is right… Bro, we got our first review. “Max and Sadie is a…valuable addition to the landscape of independent cinema.” I didn’t pay for that… Fire Farhan! Fire Manfred!


My Brother’s Awful Movie Recommendation of the Week: Summer Catch (2001) starring the progeny of the King of Latin Excellence, Freddie Prinz Jr. (professional rival of John Cena), Jessica Biel (who DID NOT major in match), Brittany Murphy (RIP to the only homie worth rolling with), Brian Dennehy (Bro, have you seen A Season on the Brink – wild shit!), Wilmer Valderrama (Mr. Cash-Money himself), John C. McGinley (One of the best parts of the already amazing Wall Street – and yes, I know, he was on Scrubs and a million other awesome things too), and Matthew Lillard (Hackers is easily one of my favorite movies ever).


An Alternative Version of that Movie: Bull Durham (1986) is the greatest baseball film ever made. Kevin Coster (Frank Farmer would kill John Wick), Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon ( ), Tim Robbins (The man who crawled through 500 yards of shit-smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to), and… Arliss?


The Jon Dowd Memorial Power Rankings:


Top of the League

  1. Who’s Your Haddy (9-1, Won 3): Like Ric Flair says, to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. Haddy absolutely trounced Wallbangers this week 623-373. When digging into the matchup a bit more, the offenses were relatively within a reasonable differential to keep Bangers and Haddy competitive. However, Haddy’s pitching staff was headlined by two fantastic Kevin Gausman starts, two good Tarik Skubal starts, a great Nick Lodolo start, and a fantasy gem by Logan Webb this week was the difference. 8 starts, 300 points. That’s how you build a rotation. 



  1. Marshall’s Law (8-2, Lost 1): Huh? I’m shocked that the Neptune Sharks (sans Spencer Strider, Jung Hoo Lee, Noelvi Marte, Clarke Schmidt, Emmitt Sheehan, and underachieving versions of Randy Arozarena and Thairo Estrada) was able to not only exceed 600 points, but also beat a red-hot Marshall’s Law 633-555. The Gunslinger was hurt by pitching, even with the addition of Hunter Brown (39 points) and good starts from Aaron Nola (57 points), Logan Gilbert (42 points) and Corbin Burnes (42 points), bad looks out of Freddy Peralta (6 points from 3.1 innings), Trevor Megill (11 points from 5 innings) and Jesus Luzardo (0 points from 4.1 innings) left Marshall in a bind on Sunday. This week’s match up between Marshall and Brickma is going to be interesting.
  2. Better Bombers (7-3, Won 6): A near 400-point offensive week and a 300-point pitching week is just not fair. George Kirby’s 78:7 K/BB ratio is stupid and explains why the Mariners are trotting away with the AL West. More importantly, it helps explain why Bombers continues to roll through the rest of the league. The Better Bombers/Beach Bum matchup next week is going to be really interesting.
  3. Brickma’s Revenge (7-3, Won 3): You ever go to a bar intending on one drink and ending up getting shot at by some local fuzz? Me neither. But that’s what happened on Friday night when Long Ball came into the bar looking for a whisky neat and found Brickma’s Revenge. Let the Big Dog Eat! Brickma began the quartering with a nice 63-point start from Framber Valdez, followed that by removing the hands and feet using the piano wire that is a Justin Steele 51-point game, and added his hooks in by sprinkling a 70-point offensive night on top. By the end of the night,  Brickma led the night 184-60 and the game was out of reach. The win streak is on the line against top rival Marshall this week.
  4. Yellow Jacket Flight Deck (7-3, Lost 2): Ooof. The King of the Ocean lost to me? I’m a bit surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t have been. Elton has been pining for weeks about a lack of offense, and this week that was clearly the problem. The anemic performance (213 points, with Freddie Freeman’s 45-point week leading the way) really let down a terrific 346-point pitching performance. The returns of Jasson Dominguez, Jung and WHOMEVER may be able to even out the offense, but those are some late-June returns. Flight Deck is going to beat a surging Neptune Sharks and then, the vaunted Dynasty Darby comes up against Brickma.
  5. Beach Bum (7-3, Won 2): Not to act as if this performance wasn’t good, it was. Anytime you score over 600 points and you win by over 200 points, you had a great week. But the 382 points on the offensive side, and more specifically the 105 point week Aaron Judge had this week are really the shiny object in the room. Dan may need another outburst like that in order to survive this week’s matchup of top teams.
  6. H-Town Trash Can Punch (6-4, Won 1): On the outside looking in of playoff places, but still on the HIGHWAY OF CONTENTION, Trashcan was able to stay alive by escaping Eastbound and Dowd by a mere 48 points. The difference in the matchup came down to a 50-point hitting differential on the week (or one Altuve or one Yandi, one Rooker and half a Dubon). I know we can always say the next four weeks will determine the viability of post-season play for any team, but maybe none more so than here for Kyle. Next week vs. Long Ball, followed up with vs. Marshall, vs. Yellow Decks, and vs. Haddy; that’s the kind of stretch that will put hair on your chest.


Dark Horses

  1. Stros Bros (5-5, Won 2): This is the point in the film in which our hero begins the mid-movie montage showing us climbing up the ladder while a fun-but-forgettable 1980s hit plays. The question is: the main character of the montage The Couch Man? I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s possible. The Waldren-Ryan-Pepiot triumvirate that Stros has going up front in his rotation is going to be tough to beat, the addition of Teoscar Hernandez paid dividends this week, and Stros is rolling. However, some show-and-prove matchups over the next two weeks (vs. Podstars, and vs. Beach Bum) are really going to show us if this surge is part of the aforementioned montage.
  2. Neptune Sharks (5-5, Won 1): In 2009, the Giants had a surprisingly successful season that culminated in competitive baseball into the last week of the season for the first time since 2004. The wonderful capitalists in the Giants marketing offices put out  a commercial late that season to emphasize the team’s remarkable run. “We’re in this thing!” shouted an excited Mike Krukow over jazzy corporate music as fans excitedly walked down the 3rd Street Bridge outside of the stadium. That’s kind of like the Neptune Sharks. If any of Matt Shaw, Luis Matos, Sem Robberse or Louis Varland can make a leap up, he may have a way to stay in this. If not, he may just play spoiler over the remaining 10 weeks. Fake limited Mike Krukow says, Hang in there!
  3. Long Ball to LF (5-5, Lost 1): As mentioned, the matchup of the week from last week wasn’t particularly competitive. The pitching was lacking this week – baseball’s freakiest boy, Sonny Gray, wasn’t particularly good and James Paxton actively hurt Long Ball this week. The King of the North also got the absolute worst versions of Miguel Andujar and Rob Redsnyder. Also, no Soto for the weekend didn’t help. All that written, it was a bad week. After two straight wins, this could just be a bump in the road. Unfortunately, Long Ball is now a step behind a logjam of guys while being caught by a logjam of guys. 
  4. Pine Mountain Podstars (4-6, Lost 1): Here’s the thing, while Pine Mountain is the only one in this group under .500, he also had more points than 10 of the other teams in the league – including three of the contenders. And this week, he went up against the hottest team in the league in Better Bombers. The Butcher isn’t done, but the next three weeks (vs. Stros Bros, vs. Eastbound, and vs. Long Ball) will be a big factor in where the Podstars stand at the deadline. My money says he goes 2-1 or 3-0 depending on how the chips fall and he stays in contention. But, as this week tells us, anything can happen.  



  1. Wallbangers (2-8, Lost 5): I know this may sound shady as hell, but ultimately I don’t mean it to be: you can’t win games in this league with Cory Julks as one of your top consistent performers. Bad weeks out of Colton Cowser, Josh Lowe, Alex Kirilloff and Jose Miranda aren’t helping much. Riding it out seems like where Josh has to be for the remainder of the season. At least he has Royce Lewis and Corbin Carroll to build around. If this remains the foursome vying for the Iosim Cup, seeing an owner with winning experience in that winner-take-all situation would be a lot of fun. 
  2. Sojo Good it’s Scary (1-9, Lost 7): If Long Ball got shot in the back by the fuzz at the bar, Sojo got shot in the tits with some rocksalt by a gun-toating Okie from Muskogee at a camper on Friday. 141 to -6 was the final tally, Jose Siri the only player to score any points (21 points) while all the other players managed -27 for the day. Against a surging team like Stros Bros, that’s just never going to get it done. 
  3. Eastbound and Dowd (1-9, Lost 8): Eastbound lost in a tight matchup where he lost by 48 points, was outscored by 22 points on Sunday, and got -8 from 21 Anthony Rizzo plate appearances (compared to the 46 points Jose Altuve got from his 29 appearances or the 23 points Yandy Diaz got across his 23 plate appearances, players plugged into the 1B and UT spots Rizzo is eligible for). Eastbound was let down this week by the aging Rizzo. Tough sledding.
  4. Orioles Magic (1-9, Lost 2): When your entire pitching staff (65 points total) gets countered by one offensive player (Aaron Judge, 105 points) you’re in for a tough week. Jordan Montgomery’s -24 point week doesn’t help and actively makes the week look worse than what it was, but the pitching was just bad as a whole (65 points from 35 innings). Here’s what I will say: if I’m Russell, I look to trade to get a legit pitcher at the deadline and try to make a run at winning the Iosim Cup this year. The offense is real. 


You thought we wouldn’t have any fun. Shame on you! 

  1. Suplex City Shooters (5-5, Won 1): I aint scared of you motherfuckers! I’m going to tell you something straight off the press, I ain’t here for no foolishness! I lie, I’m totally here for foolishness. If Heliot Ramos and Luis Gil are the players I saw this week, then to the league I say: we have such sights to show you! If this is a mirage, then… I don’t know. Probably death or dismemberment by the millions of killers in this league. Maybe the Iosim Cup. Who knows, anything can happen. But the guy who has killed me on trades since the first comes into Suplex City this week to probably kill us. We’ll find out. Welcome to Suplex City, Haddy. Enjoy the bagels!


Clip of the Week: This could be late, but this clip of Lars Nootbaar getting into it with Laz Diaz is *chef’s kiss*. I love this shit!


The Top-10 List of the Week: This week’s Top 10 list is centered on Kevin Costner, my all–time favorite actor. As a fan, I decided to rank my favorite performances. This is not a ranking of the films, but of the characters. This list does not include John Dutton of Yellowstone, because… well, I don’t really rate the show *GASP*. Anyways, onto the list:


  1. Frank Farmer, The Bodyguard
  2. Crash Davis, Bull Durham
  3. Jim Garrison, JFK
  4. John Dunbar, Dances with Wolves
  5. Ray Kinsella, Field of Dreams
  6. Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  7. Billy Chapel, For Love of the Game
  8. Beau Burrows, Rumor Has It
  9. Sonny Weaver Jr., Draft Day
  10. Alex Marshall, The Big Chill

Honorable Mentions: Charlie Waite, Open Range, Denny Davies, The Upside of Anger, Elliot Ness, The Untouchables, Ringside Fan, Play it to the Bone, Tom Ferrell, No Way Out


Dynasty Grinders ® Match-Up of the Week: We have a few matchups this week where you’re getting two contenders, but the Brickma/Marshall matchup is going to be a big one. Possibly a semifinal preview… or maybe a championship final preview. Get your popcorn, I’m taking the over.


And, gentlemen, always remember that angels fly high because they take themselves lightly


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