About Us

Dynasty Grinders is a fantasy baseball league that started in late 2015 ahead of the 2016 MLB season. Unlike most fantasy baseball leagues, Dynasty Grinders is active year round with its own off-season. We compete using a head-to-head scoring system based on FanGraphs’s OttoNeu points system.

Commissioner Jordan Gillis has been involved with fantasy sports for almost twenty years. He has managed fantasy baseball leagues in the past and currently manages a fantasy football redraft league as well as an annual fantasy football playoff pool. Jordan also participates in the Dy-Nasty Fantasy Baseball League that was created by Michael Green, and Jordan can be heard with Mike on their podcast.

Jordan start running fantasy football leagues in high school, and started a fantasy baseball league in college. His fantasy football league still runs to this day and recently expanded into two sister leagues as interest grew. The fantasy baseball league from college merged into Michael Green’s dynasty league back in 2013. Both leagues have been running since 2004 in some form or fashion.

When Jordan is not playing fantasy sports, he is usually enjoyingΒ time with his wife and two young sons. He works in IT and does website management part time. With his free time (after fantasy is taken care of) he can be found playing video games with his friends, or generally playing softball, racquetball or golf.