With interest in keeping Dynasty Grinders competitive from week 1 through week 24 every year, the payout system is designed to reward continued interest. While we’re all clearly not in the league for the money and solely in it for the pride alone, dangling a carrot never really hurt anyone.

Annual League Fee

Each year there will be a $155 league fee to participate in Dynasty Grinders. $150 will be entered into the prize pool, $5 to pay for FanTrax. To join Dynasty Grinders you will be asked to pay for two-seasons in advance to encourage a strong commitment to the league’s health and long-term success.

League fees will be held by the Fantrax Treasurer. It’s safe, secure and insured. They have zero fee options available, and also have options for convenience at a reasonable price of 2.5%. How you pay in and get paid out is up to you. There’s no fees for holding the money or moving it from year to year, etc. Very convenient.

Trading future draft picks requires that at least a $50 deposit is made for each season that you trade into the future. If for whatever reason you decide to quit before that season is played, your deposit is credited to the future new owner.

League dues are due each year prior to the All-Star Break. If you decide that at the end of the season that you are leaving the league at the end of the seasonΒ you will have to announce it at that time. Transactions from that point forward will be subject to league vote to ensure competitive balance.

Annual league rewards

The 20-week regular season will crown a regular season champion. First place will be award to the best head to head record, and in case of tie, most points scored.

$150 – Head to Head Regular Season Champ

At the end of the regular season, the league standings will be sorted by total points scored (ignoring record). And the following rewards will be assigned based on total points scored.

$280 – 1st Place $100 Β – 5th Place $40 – 9th Place $15 – 13th Place
$240 – 2nd Place $80 – 6th Place $30 – 10th Place $12 – 14th Place
$200 – 3rd Place $60 – 7th Place $25 – 11th Place $10 – 15th Place
$150 – 4th Place $50 – 8th Place $20 – 12th Place $8 – 16th Place

There will be four playoff brackets at the end of the season. Your regular season head to head record (tie-breaker is points scored) will determine which bracket you’re placed into.

$300 – Championship Bracket Winner
$175 – Championship Bracket Runner-up
$125 – Championship Bracket 3rd Place
$90 – Championship Bracket 4th Place
$80 – First Consolation (5th-8th place teams) Winner
$60 – Second Consolation (9th-12th place teams) Winner
$50 – Third Consolation (13th-16th place teams) Winner

Finally there will be a $50 kitty for the commissioner to disperse funds. These funds will be used for league purposes only, such as championship swag, or other incidental costs.