Trade: Suplex City | Pine Mountain Podstars

New York Yankees: Luis Severino to throw off mound soon


Suplex City trades away

Pine Mountain Podstars trades away


Trades like this typically favor the team that gets the best player, and that player here is Luis Severino. If he can return to form following his surgery, this is a win for the Podstars. Adding Sevy to a rotation that already includes Buehler, Snell, and Woodruff gives him one of the strongest in the league. Sadly, we probably won’t see Sevy back on the mound until the end of 2021, but this is a good get nonetheless. Bryse Wilson is a nice flier, but in a Braves rotation that recently added Morton and Smyly, he is destined for long relief and a few spot starts. He could be a trade chip if the Braves go all in, for now he’s a wait and see. Polanco is barely worth a mention, I had him penciled in as a cut because of his $24 salary.

Suplex City gets himself a smattering of buy-lows here. I like Laureano and Civale the most of this group. Civale is a command pitcher, but he’s with Cleveland so they’ll probably make him into a stud. At $8, I like that risk. Laureano still has some questions with the bat but the glove will keep him in that lineup for the foreseeable future. Kyle Gibson and Ryan McMahon are both guys who came up with lots of promise, but we just haven’t seen their skill translate to the majors. Gibson has good stuff but is inconsistent and McMahon is with the Rockies. Suplex will get some value out of Joey Bart. The Giants have said they’ll play him at 1B when Posey is catching, so maybe he can avoid the typical downside to being an everyday catcher. This will put a lot of pressure on the bat, which I don’t think is good enough for a right handed first baseman.


Trade: TBD | Organized Chaos

TBD trades away
2020 4th Round Pick
SS Garrett Hampson

Organized Chaos trades away
2020 2nd Round Pick
2020 3rd Round Pick

Garrett Hampson Anyone?

Hampson has been advertised and on the block for a while and finally found a home. It’s a good way to do business, make sure everyone knows a player is available so you don’t second guess what you received. No need to rush.

Who is Garrett Hampson

304 .391 .466
314 .377 .459

last years triple slash lines in AA(eastern league) and AAA (PCL) respectively. To my untrained eye he looks like he should be a high obp guy with a better than average hit tool and probably speed over power. He is off to a slow start but I think he could be a quality starting guy in this league. Hampson’s slow start may have cost him an opportunity to take the 2B job as Ryan McMahon is back from the IL and Hampson has not played the last 4 games. But if you are making this trade you believe in Hampson and you have a roster where you can hopefully sit and wait for him to get traded into a starting spot or an injury opens up an opportunity. With Rodgers also getting close, Hampson may have a tough fit in Colorado.

I like this trade for Organized Chaos as he gets an mlb ready player that may just require a little patience. As for TBD he has always liked his draft picks, and if he doesn’t get an extra pick here he is spending 5-10 dollars to pick one up at draft time.


Trade: TBD | Capital City Ironmen

TBD sends: 1B Chris Carter ($5), 3B Ryan McMahon (minors)
Capital City Ironmen send: 1B Mike Napoli ($10), SP Franklyn Kilome (minors)

Jordan’s thoughts: Mike Napoli received the most greed votes for Capital City. This obviously identified, for Bailey, that he had something worthwhile on his roster left. So he promptly jettisoned this undervalued good player for a player who was recently designated for assignment because his major league team decided they wouldd rather not have a first baseman over paying Chris Carter a small sum of seven million dollars. Classic Bailey move.

In all honesty, they swapped mediocre players and mediocre prospects probably due to boredom.

Andrew’s thoughts: The Brewers dumped Chris Carter this morning, so he’s in as much free agent limbo as Mike Napoli now. I think Napoli’s perceived as the safer free agent gamble, but they’re very similar players — especially for fantasy purposes. They both walk a good bit, strike out a ton, and hit for power. Last year, Carter had a 0.3% better walk rate, Napoli had a 1.9% better strikeout rate, and Carter had the superior wOBA by .03 and the better wRC+ by 1. So… same guy. In fact, here’s a chart:

Same guy!

So I felt like, what the hell, going from Napoli to Carter saves me $5 and gets my roster five years younger.

Between Ryan McMahon and Franklyn Kilome, meh, I’m just hedging on a prospect that might get to play his home games at Coors Field one day. He’s blocked at third by Nolan Arenado though, so who knows. Kilome has the greater upside, but he’s also further away and comes with significant risks. Swapping two prospects like this is essentially flipping a coin.

As a funny side note, go look at who TBD put their greed dollar on for my team.